Write, record and produce your own songs in unique one on one workshops.



Luke O'Loughlin BCA (Bachelor of Creative Arts)

Want to write, record and produce your own songs? Luke O'Loughlin has over 10 years of experience in the music industry as a singer, songwriter, recording artist and performer. He is the lead singer and principal songwriter for successful Australian outfit ‘I Know Leopard’. Over the past five years he has consistently seen his songs enjoy high rotation on Triple J radio and was recently shortlisted for the prestigious Vanda and Young International Songwriting Competition. His album ‘Love is a Landmine’ recently debuted at #7 on the Australian Album ARIA charts and #39 on the overall charts. Along with extensive touring for this project, he has worked both locally and abroad in the US, co-writing for various artists and producers. Recently, he wrote the new single 'All About You' for American pop heavyweights Foster The People.  By day in Sydney, his true passion is providing the resources for students of all ages to either dip their toe into the world of singing, songwriting and recording or to take their already established skills to the next level. Luke offers one on one workshops with the goal being not only to construct your own original songs but also to find your unique voice and identity as an artist. You will work together out of his studio in Bondi, recording and producing your songs as you go!



Listen below to a sample of some of the wonderful work by Luke's students...



Take a listen below to Luke's recently released album for his project 'I Know Leopard' - Love is a Landmine.

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